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Support Groups for Arthrogryposis

In the United States:
Mary Anne and Jim Schmidt
P.O. Box 5192
Sonora CA 95370 USA
Web page: http://sonnet1.sonnet.com/avenues/

Mid-Atlantic AMC Network
Christopher Johnson, Director
PO Box 42154
Arlington, VA 22204
Email: Cpjohns964@aol.com
Web page: http://hometown.aol.com/midat14amc/club/index.htm

Georgia Chapter, National Foundation for AMC
Melanie Dedecker
2347 Melinda Drive
Atlanta GA 30345

National Arthrogryposis Foundation
Jerry and Elaena Faraino
3356 S. Cove Trace
Birmingham, AL 35216 205-823-0786
Email: GAF1016@aol.com

Arthrogryposis Utah Support Group
Sue Bryson
2241 S. 500
West Bountiful UT 84010

Alabama Based Support Group for AMC
Debbie and Robert Adams
700 Redwood Drive
Maylene AL 35114

Northern Westchester Support Group
Allida Stauber 95 Oliver Rd.
Bedford NY 10506

In Australia:
The Australian Arthrogryposis Group (TAAG) Inc
Jacqueline Brand
56 Stevens Close
Wang Wauk NSW 2423
Phone: 04 1780 3573
Email: berriga@bigpond.com

In New Zealand:
The Arthrogryposis Group of New Zealand (TAGNZ)
Jean Parsons
308 Mill Road

In Canada:
c/o Muscular Dystrophy Ass.
Joyce Heppesen
150 Eglinton Ave. E. Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E8
Tel. 416-488-2699
Fax: 416-488-7523
Email: cast@freenet.ham.on.ca

In Germany:
Interessengemeinschaft Arthrogryposis e.V.
Cornelia Umber
Haupstr. 130
D-79713 Bad Saeckingen
Tel/Fax: ++49/7761/57109
Email: 106155.1266@compuserve.com
Web page: http://home.t-online.de/home/andrea.rust/iga.htm

In Ireland:
The Arthrogryposis Association of Ireland
Emmett Daly (Secretary)
Cor-na-Gark, Kilcormac, Co Offaly
Tel: (00353) 057-9135152
Email: emmettdaly@gmail.com
Web page: http://www.arthrogryposis.ie

In Italy:
G.I.S.A. (AMC Support Group of Italy)
Robert Mezzaroma
Viale Dell 'Esperanto, 71

In The Netherlands:
AMC Support Group of the Netherlands
Wanja VandenElsen
Kamillestraat 15
5741 VN Beck En Donk

In Spain:
Asociacion Espanola De Artrogriposis
Artrogriposis Múltiple Congénita
España Bulevar Indalecio Prieto
16 - 28032 Madrid
Tel: +34 5 9130 16464
Tel: +34 5 6538 79738
Email: artrogriposis.multiple@gmail.com
Web page: www.vnet.es/artrogriposis

FaceBook: AMC-artrogriposismultiplecongenita-españa

In the U.K.
The Arthrogryposis Group (TAG)
P.O. Box 5336
Tel: 01299825781
Email: info@tagonline.org.uk
Web page: www.tagonline.org.uk

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