What is Arthrogryosis?

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Equipment Library

Daily Living

1 Knife, 2 Fork, 3 Spoon
Surgical stainless utensils moulded into contoured, coloured, plastic handles with built up ends. These are of value to those with a weak grip and restricted wrist or finger movement. The knife and fork have a shaped indentation on the top for the index finger, to help with directional control, and the knife has a serrated blade to assist with cutting. Smaller in size for children. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

4 Rocker Knife
A broad, semi-circular shaped stainless steel blade allows food to be cut with a rocking action for food preparation or eating, without cocking the wrist. The large plastic handle is easy to grip and the blade is only sharpened over part of its length for safety.

5 Spoon, 6 Knife, 7 Fork
As for 1, 2 & 3 but larger.

Gym & Toy Products

8 Foam Log
600 x 300mm
Log shape provides a moveable surface to sit astride. They are used to facilitate balance, postural reactions and trunk rotation. Starting from a prone position a child can move to hands and knees, side sitting or kneeling which are important transitions in neuro development.

9 & 10 Inflatable Vinyl Balls
Yellow - 45cm diameter
Orange - 55cm diameter
These balls are widely used in therapy and home programs to increase movement experiences. The use of the firm, inflated surface of a ball encourages movement, controls tone, develops weight shift, righting and balance reactions in various positions. With the caregiver's control, individuals can experience these automatic movements safety and confidently. Will support up to 300kg.

11 Physio Roll
30cm diameter, 50cm length
Inflatable, seamless vinyl roll cradles the user within a contoured "saddle" in the middle of this peanut shaped roll. Movement and weight transfer in unilateral directions providing unparralleled control and security during balance activities. Children learn to balance while moving on in different directions with variable speed and motion of
the Physio Rolls.


12 Corner Chair
Provides support for symmetrical posture and midline control of head and trunk and improved breathing for children who have low trunk tone. Comes with removable, padded spinal supports, headrests and trays.
Seat can be raised.

Vestibular Equipment

13 Prone Crawler
70 x 40cm with tapered front. One meter pulling strap. Body strap. Swivel casters. Helps the child learn body control, weight shifting, changing directions and maintaining balance. Promotes neuromuscular development of hand, arm and neck/shoulder muscles while crawling. Can be used with childe sitting.

14 & 15 Scooter Board
Small 45 x 36 cm, Medium 56 x 45cm
Same features and functions as Prone Crawler (13)

16 Vestibular Board
Small 1200 x 400 x 220mm
Rocking the body on this board stimulates balance control and vestibular responses. Constructed of heavy plywood with full radius rocker bottom.

Walking Aids

17 & 18 Paediatric Walker and Rollator

Medium Small
Approx. user's height, cm 81-107 66-76
Height adj., cm 41-53 33-38

Made of lightweight, anodized aluminium. Height adjustable. Designed for balance and comfortable use.

Toileting Aids

19 Toileting Assister
(folding bottom wiper)
This utensil is foldable for ease of carrying in a bag or pocket. The paper is attached by simply wrapping it around the head. The paper is held firmly in place by 'teeth' moulded into the lip of the recess. Can be washed in warm water and detergent if needed. Comes with instructions.
Clinical trials have shown the device to be most effective.


20 Platform Trike
Length 99cm, 42cm to seat
Suitable for inside leg from 50cm. Robust and versatile trike. Will withstand the hardest treatment. Will even carry a heavy grown man. The pedals have rubber chocks. Wheels are solid. There are no chains.

21 Wheelchair
Suitable for average 5 - 10 year old.
Basic folding day chair.
Removable foot plates.
Seatbelt included.
Inflatable tyres.

22 Hand Cycle
Approximately as long as an adult bike and as wide as a wheelchair. Wheels can be removed for ease of transport. Bike is operated using arms/hands instead of legs/feet. This model has leg supports and hand brake.

23 Arthrogryposis
Text Atlas.
Written to meet the needs of health care professionals and families for an overview of the arthrogrypotic syndromes. This text is easily understood and a glossary is provided to help family members without a medical background. This book has been prepared with the goal of improving the understanding of the condition and providing a guide to management of children with arthrogryposis.

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